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Bug Story

Welcome to the Year 1900 ;-)
The bug's a big bust, but there are plenty of other stories in the Naked City. Like, "Welcome to the Year 19100."
in Business
Calendar of E-Vents
Ongoing goings-on.

Rants & Raves
Readers on the century's failures ... eToys domain dispute.

Y2K Watch
Worldwide coverage.

IPO Outlook
Sponsored by Red Herring

MP3 Rocks the Web
Sponsored by Musicmaker

Women in Tech
Through the silicon ceiling

The Wireless World
Sponsored by Ericsson

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Gadgets and Gizmos
Sponsored by Fujitsu

Hollywood Tech
The stars of multimedia.

Med-Tech Center
Sponsored by WebMD

Executive Summary
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Making the Grade
"Old school" gets wired.

IS/IT Infostructure
Sponsored by Novell.

The Linux Effect
Not just for geeks.

The Lycos 50
The most popular search terms, according to Lycos.

More Hoo-Ha
Passage: Elliott Richardson, 79
The only person ever to hold four Cabinet posts, Richardson will be remembered as the man who defied President Nixon by refusing to fire the special prosecutor in the Watergate case. Richardson, who accepted the position of attorney general at the height of the Watergate scandal with the stipulation that Archibald Cox be given a free hand, resigned rather than carry out the order to fire him. Richardson was later appointed ambassador to Britain by President Ford.


Other Top Stories

A Century of Technology
At the dawn of a new century, two adventurous women, one who has lived throught the entirety of this one, share stories of how technology has enriched their lives. By Kristen Philipkoski.
in Culture

No Bugs in Europe's Y2K Gala
Europeans greet 2000 with riotous parties in the major capitals. Everybody's so busy having fun that the Y2K doomsday fears are forgotten.
in Technology

US: 'Billions Were Worth It'
John Koskinen has been trouble-shooting the Y2K computer problem for the US for years, and shortly after the year turned to 2000, he proclaims the efforts a success.
in Technology

Will New Year Bring New Viruses?
The computer virus came into its own in 1999 as virus writers learned to take advantage of email -- witness Melissa. Will 1 January see more intentionally inflicted computer chaos? Chris Oakes.
in Technology

Three Nuke Plants Burp
The clocks get, ahem, confused, but the fix is quick, and there are no problems at three North American nuclear power plants, official claim.
in Technology

Nuclear 'Glitches' in Japan
The Land of the Rising Sun is one place where there are Y2K woes: Problems with some nuclear plants radiation is the main one, but officials aren't sounding any alarms.
in Technology

Kuwait 's Y2K Baby Gets New PC
Very minor Y2K glitches are reported throughout the Arab world, and Kuwait steamrolled through the rollover in fine style: The airport's open, and the first newborn is geek-ready. Jihad Abdullah reports from Dubai.
in Technology

China Sees a Clear Dawn
The country's computers and infrastructure come through the date change just fine. China's top airline officials take a midnight flight, just to be sure.
in Technology

No, Planes Didn't Fall From Sky
Air traffic controllers say if there's a bug their systems, it's not called Y2K. No problems anywhere around the globe -- and there were more than 1,000 planes in the air at the rollover.
in Technology

Silent Night in the Tech World
Tech companies, especially those based in the Silicon Valley, report practically no problems as the clock strikes midnight.
in Technology

World Checking In: It's A-OK
As more and more nations cross the great divide into 2000, the so-called millennium bug is beginning to look like one of the greatest non-stories ever.
in Technology

The Internet Stands Up
Keynote, an Internet measurement service, is monitoring Web sites as the clock strikes midnight around the world. And everything is hunky-dory.com.
in Technology

Nyet-thing Happening in Russia
Y2K fears of a Russian meltdown prove unwarranted. Officials credit a cooperative effort with the US military in keeping missiles dormant.
in Technology

Y2K Watch
New Zealand OK in Y2K
No news is good news for Kiwis as the country enters the year 2000 without any technical glitches. Only a bit of rain dampens the festivities. Kim Griggs reports from Wellington, New Zealand.
in Technology

Y2K Watch
Y2K Bug MIA in Asia
Government systems and utilities across the continent are fully operational during the first few hours of the New Year.
in Technology

Y2K Watch
Everything Up Down Under
Australia is unfazed as the year 2000 greets another time zone. The lights are on, but nobody's home as people flock to the harbor to join the celebration. Stewart Taggart reports from Sydney.
in Technology

Y2K Watch
Y2K Baby Gets Yahoo Stock
Forget weekly allowance. The first Y2K baby born in a Silicon Valley hospital will receive Yahoo and Silicon Graphics shares, a starter portfolio worth about US$500 -- for now.
in Business

Y2K Watch
First Sunrise, From 12,000 Feet
They'll watch for the first rays, and jump - from a plane's cockpit into shark-infested waters east of the Chatham Islands. It's one way to ring in the New Year. Kim Griggs reports from New Zealand.
in Culture

The Annual Wired Digital/Lycos Self Exam
Tech in 2000: The Predictions
Here we go again. We've rounded up the usual suspects from Wired Digital, this year adding our brethren from parent company Lycos Inc., for a look ahead to the tech that will move and shake the Year 2000.
in Culture

A Great Year to Go Public
If your company staged an initial public offering in 1999, you probably had a great year. So did your banker. In short: Far more money was made off unprofitable companies than ever before. By Joanna Glasner.
in Business

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