christine m liu photochristine m liu is mighty in media.

her motivation is to support creative types creatively.

manifestation of mantra:

seamless provides independent conceptual fashion designers a runway show and international press.

sans serif promotes both famed and underground electronica artists.

urbanhermes takes form in a physical accessory to embody and express one's digital fashion status.

she respects the pixel with years of graphic, print, and web design. through projects such as poetry magazine layouts and conference websites, she's happy to announce she knows her kerning from her scripting. cmliu <3 photoshop!

she stirs to write about anything that may delight the senses: modern independent music, local restaurants, the length of one's hemline. the digital camera goes everywhere, capturing impromptu moments within the microcosmic visual narrative.

to save you some googling time, here are some additional personal tidbits about christine from the far reaches of the web: blogger, flickr, facebook, myspace, chowhound, yelp, couchsurfing.

she dreams of moving one day to iceland, where she can eat skyr in one hand and pat a sheep with the other.

you may reach christine at { me at }