Questionnaire Materials

Each of the experiments below shared a common questionnaire. This questionnaire was designed to help get evidence about individuals perceptions of several variables associated with ethical acceptability.

The questionnaire directed individuals to focus on the situation they were placed in and some particular aspects of this situation. Specifically "the methods of observation" they experienced in the experiment.

Figure 3.16. Introduction to questionnaire

Introduction to questionnaire

Following this were a series of questions which used 8 points Likert-scale questions. Using an 8 point scale forces choice between one of the two antipodes along which the scale varies. Participants could also select "No Opinion." Form validation code ensured that no questions were left blank.

Figure 3.17. Questionnaire


The axes of the scales were devised by selecting pairs of opposite terms having to do with items related to the ethicality of the situation. Thus the questionnaire provides the pairs: Unethical...Ethical, Invasive...Respectful, Comfortable...Uncomfortable, Help...Hindrance, Moral...Immoral, Suspicious...Trustful, Fair...Unfair, Without Sensors that Collect Information About Emotion...With Sensors that Collect Information About Emotion.