Cameron A. Marlow
You've reached the academic home of Cameron Marlow, research scientist at Facebook. I received my Ph.D. from the MIT Media Lab in the Electronic Publishing Group. This place is merely a reference to some of the other spots I inhabit on the information autobahn: A class I taught on power laws; an early blog search engine I created called Blogdex; unlockedgroove, a label that I run with some of my friends. But most importantly:
publications, my history
A brief outline of my academic history, along with links to all of my publications and recent academic talks.
overstated, my weblog
Named after my propensity to exaggerate just about anything, this is my true personal space on the web. My regular writing covers topics of research, humor, and just about anything that fits my fancy in the moment.
wastered, my time-wasting weblog
Another weblog I maintain, and where I expect people to spend countless hours of their time.