Expressive Synthesized Speech


Cahn, Janet E., Generating Expression in Synthesized Speech. Master's Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. May, 1989.

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Journal Article

Cahn, Janet E., The Generation of Affect in Synthesized Speech.   Journal of the American Voice I/O Society. Volume 8. July, 1990. 1-19.
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Conference Papers

Cahn, Janet E., Generation of Affect in Synthesized Speech.  Proceedings of the 1989 Conference of the American Voice I/O Society. Newport Beach, California. September, 1989. Pages 251-256.      
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Cahn, Janet, From Sad to Glad: Emotional Computer Voices.  Proceedings of Speech Tech '88, Voice Input/Output Applications Conference and Exhibition. New York City. April, 1988. Pages 35-37.       PS (43K)

Janet Cahn
M.I.T. Media Laboratory
Cambridge, MA
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