Janet Cahn
  • Emotional and Expressive Synthesized Speech
  • Linguistic Style Improvisation
  • Individual and Stylistic Variation for Synthetic Speech Prosody
  • Articles,
  • A Psychological Model of Grounding and Repair in Dialog (1999)
  • A Computational Memory and Processing Model for Prosody (1998)
  • Generating Pitch Accent Distributions that Show Individual and Stylistic Differences (1998)
  • Improvising Linguistic Style: Social and Affective Bases of Agent Personality (1997)
  • The Effect of Pitch Accenting on Pronoun Referent Resolution (1995)
  • A Computational Architecture for Mutual Understanding in Dialog (1992)
  • An Investigation into the Correlation of Cue Phrases, Unfilled Pauses and the Structuring of Spoken Discourse (1992)
  • The Generation of Affect in Synthesized Speech (1990)
  • Generation of Affect in Synthesized Speech (1989)
  • From Sad to Glad: Emotional Computer Voices (1988)
  • Tomes
  • Masters thesis, May 1989:     Generating Expression in Synthesized Speech
  • Dissertation, October 1998:   A Computational Memory and Processing Model for Prosody
  • 15 is
    14:59  Dallas Morning News, April, 1997 ... 14:58   Technology Review, Aug-Sept, 1997 ... 14:57  something in Dutch,  Nov. 1997 ... 14:56  something in English: NY Times, March 25, 1999 ...
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    Janet Cahn
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