Emotional & Expressive Synthesized Speech

The Affect Editor Parameters

back to examples Pitch parameters
Accent Shape The height of a pitch accent over tme. With more sophistication on the part of the synthesizer, one could more precisely specify the steepness of the pitch contour ascent and descent.
Contour Slope Pitch range expansion or compression over the course of an utterance.
Final Lowering Steepness of pitch fall or rise at end of utterance.
Pitch Range Distance in Hz from lowest to highest F0 value.
Reference Line The modal F0 (default pitch) of an utterance.

back to examples Timing parameters
Fluent Pauses Pauses between syntactic phrases.
Hesitation Pauses Pauses within a syntactic or intonational phrase.
Speech Rate Rate of speech, measured in syllables per second.
Stress Frequency Percentage of pitch-accentable words that actually receive a pitch accent.

back to examples Voice Quality parameters
Average Pitch Average pitch.
Breathiness Frication in the voicing source.
Brilliance Attenuation or amplification of high frequencies.
Laryngealization "Creaky voice" phonation mode.
Loudness: Loudness.
Pitch Discontinuity Smoothness of the pitch contour between successive F0 targets.

back to examples Articulation parameters
Pause Onset Smoothness of word decay and subsequent pause onset.
Precision Closeness of phoneme to its full articulation.

Janet Cahn
M.I.T. Media Laboratory
Cambridge, MA
Late 20th century