Kevin's Upcoming Gigs

Tellebration @ New Milford Library - Saturday November 17, 2001, 8pm
    Featured Performer
    24 Main St., New Milford, CT
    $7 in advance/$10 at the door
    To reserve tickets call Sue Ford in the Jr. Room New Milford Library, 860-355-1191
The Tongue-in-Cheek Storytellers
Kevin Brooks - Bruce Marcus - Laura Packer
SweetSomethings- Sunday February 10, 2002
    Sweet Somethings: Valentine's Stories for Heart and Soul, Libido and Funnybone
    An Intimate Evening of Storytelling for Adults
    at the Screening Room in Newburyport, MA

    Sunday, February 10, 2002, 7:30 p.m.
    82 State Street, Newburyport, MA

    Tickets$: $7 Adults, $4.50 Seniors
    Just 45 minutes from Boston!
    For directions see:
    For tickets call 978-462-3456
Stories of the Spirit / Stories of the Heart - July 2002
    A Retreat For People Who Love Stories and Storytelling
    Story Prayers: Telling to an Audience of One
    We tell our stories to many people but in our busy world overlook the most loving listener, God. To pray a story means to tell it in the deepest and most honest way possible. In this workshop participants will practice the power of prayerful storytelling, as in the Psalms of the Old Testament and as the songs of our daily lives.

    July 20-22, 2002
    Pyramid Life Center
    79 Upper Loudon Road
    Loudonville, New York 12211

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