The Tongue-In-Cheek Storytellers

Kevin Brooks
Bruce Marcus
Laura Packer


You've heard about them, you've read about them, and if you are very lucky, you've even seen them perform!

Tongue-In-Cheek Storytellers is a synergistic union of three successful Boston area storytellers: Kevin Brooks, Bruce Marcus and Laura Packer. Storytelling for adult audiences is the group’s specialty. It’s first production, a February 1999 Valentine’s Day program for adults entitled Sweet Somethings: Valentine Stories for Heart and Soul, Libido and Funnybone, enjoyed great press, two full houses and a standing ovation. Buoyed by audience reaction and good chemistry, Tongue-In-Cheek Storytellers has gone on to perform in other venues and events, including Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge (September 1999), Out of the Blue Gallery, Cambridge (March 2000) and the New England Folk Festival (April 2000 & 2002). They have also performed to large audiences like the Dorothy Quincy Suite of John Hancock Hall during First Night Boston 2001 & 2002 .

Tongue-In-Cheek Storytellers tell primarily original, contemporary stories with adult-oriented themes, often, though not always humorous. A Tongue-In-Cheek show always directly involves the audience in some way, whether through improv, interaction or by soliciting stories from audience members themselves. This group is not afraid to take risks and its members are playful and experienced enough to make those risks pay off. Their philosophy is that 1) everyone has stories to tell, 2) storytelling connects people in meaningful and entertaining ways and 3) storytelling has the potential to be the most fun a room full of people can legally have together. This dynamic group proves this every time they perform.

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Bruce Marcus has been telling his lively, original stories to adult audiences since 1990. He appears regularly at a variety of places and events, such as First Night events, Tellabration and the New England Folk Festival. Bruce tells stories of real life and true fiction, ranging from personal tales, both humorous and poignant, to his tales of outdoor adventure and misadventure (favorites of the Appalachian Mountain Club and other audiences) and his trademark clever rhyming ballads. "How does he remember all of that?" is a frequently heard phrase at his shows. Bruce likes to break down the wall between performer and audience, engaging and involving audience members in stories.

Since she exploded onto the local scene over seven years ago, Laura Packer has been dazzling storytelling audiences with her magical blend of fantasy and soul-deep realism. She has told her adult-oriented tales at many venues, including Club Passim, Woman Fest and the New England Folk Festival. Host of the series Storytelling for Grown-ups in Medford, Laura also co-hosts two other series: Story-Lab at Club Passim in Harvard Square and What’s the Story? (with Bruce Marcus) at Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge. Her first recording, released in 1999, is entitled "Kansas and Other Stories."

Kevin Brooks tells personal tales from his Philadelphia childhood of the 60’s, his 70’s adolescence, 80’s adulthood, 90’s survival and millenial transcendence (he hopes). Kevin has the amazing ability to take a sliver of his life and create a story which acts as a mirror to the soul. He has shared his stories with audiences at many events, including Tellabration, Three Apples Storytelling Festival and the Connecticut Storytelling Festival.

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