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Here are some Storytelling links which I have found informative. Thanks to Papa Joe, a wonderfully active storyteller who is sometimes from New England and sometimes (usually) nomadic in a very cool moble home, the world can now get to almost any and every storytelling site all from Papa Joe's web pages. Cool, huh? The first three sites are courtesy of Papa Joe.

L.A.N.E.S. is the League for the Advancement of New Englang Storytelling - the storytelling organization of which I proudly am a member.

Sharing the Fire is the annual L.A.N.E.S. storytelling conference.  Check it out. It's certainly a high point of my year.

The Storytelling Ring is a ring of other web sites belonging to storytellers from around the world.


Raelinda Woad is a very cool friend of mine.  If fact, when I tell people that I'm a storyteller, 9 times out of 10 they ask, "Do you know Raelinda Woad?"  And I am proud to say, "YES, I know Raelinda Woad."  People, you can be famous just like I am.  Go meet Raelinda Woad, storyteller and jewelry maker.  I also recommend that you buy something.

Doug Lipman is my storytelling coach.  While he is a wonderful storyteller, musician and performer, the also guy literally wrote the book about coaching storytellers.  If you really want to know first hand about storytelling, or if you already perform and want to get better, take one of his workshops. I have for the past three years and can tell you first hand that they are amazing.


For many more links for storytelling organizations and events, see the Organizations and Events sections of:


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