Mobiles / Kinetic Sculpture

Matthew Brand

These kinetic sculptures are about the dynamicism of animal bodies. Mobiles as an art form have degenerated into abstract trifles, perhaps because nobody has figured out how to make representational mobiles, or there have been no innovations since Calder decided he wanted to sculpt space rather than form. New techniques make it possible to create kinetic sculptures that are essays on living forms and movements. The pieces below are fully articulated mobiles/stabiles that swim, twist, bite and shimmy in the breeze just like their real-life counterparts. Enjoy!

horseUnhorsed, ~1.5', with a computer

fish out of waterFish out of water, ~3', a fountain

seahorseSeahorse, ~1.5'

closeup of fish out of waterChinese delicacy, ~1.5', a Fish closeup

big fishMarlin, ~4'

celloSelf-playing cello, ~1.5'

womanGalatea declines, ~5'

arm ligature studyElephant dexterity, ~4'

peacockStrut, ~1.5'

fossilPressed duck, ~2.5', in sympathy to a fossil

raptorRaptor, ~2.5', ***

bull stopped shortBull #2, ~2', ***

catBaying, ~1.5'

byrony studyBryonia alba, ~2.5', after Bloßfeldt

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