MIT Media Lab

Brandon Roy, Cognitive Machines

I am currently working toward my PhD at the MIT Media Lab. I work in the Cognitive Machines group. The primary emphasis of my work is on the Human Speechome Project. Read more about it here.

I am interested in where meaning comes from, and how machines might learn to understand and communicate in meaningful ways.

You can read some papers

Media Lab general exam proposal and reading list

Media Lab PhD thesis proposal

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If you are visiting me, my office is E14-574K. Here are directions!

Here are some courses I have taken at MIT:
Fall 2005
  • MAS510/511 - Signals, Systems, Information
  • 6.867 - Machine Learning

  • Spring 2006
  • 6.441 - Transmission of Information
  • MAS836 - Sensor Systems for Interactive Environments

  • Fall 2006
  • 9.913 - Pattern Recognition for Vision
  • I was an undergraduate at Brown University and studied computer science. Later, I joined Stratify, Inc., a startup company in Silicon Valley and worked with Dr. Joy Thomas on machine learning and data mining algorithms for text analysis.
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