Bill Tomlinson

The second picture is what the top picture would look life if you shifted it down a bit, flipped it around, sliced off my face and turned it black and white. Below is an excerpt of a chat I (Badjur) had with my friend David (Dr Branes), who is a neurologist, wicked smart, and generally a good guy. All references are to the picture above.

Badjur: Hey, did you see the pix of my brain?
Dr Branes: i did see the pix. you have a normal, actually rather highly convoluted brain.
Badjur: bottom left has a big empty spot.
Dr Branes: yeah, brain doesn't belong there tho. that big polyp looking thing protruding into the space is your utricle.

Badjur: is it possible to tell, from that angle, whether that is near my left ear or my right ear? I couldn't figure out whether it was a front slice or a back slice.

Dr Branes: it's your right ear. the cut is slightly asymmetric, not a perfect coronal section, so the two sides aren't at quite the same level.
Dr Branes: you're crazy well myelinated. and your thalami are nicely delineated. your opercular structures are bilaterally intact and the dorsal superior cerebellothalamic tract is well visualized.
Dr Branes: your left superior parietal lobule is funny looking.

Badjur: which one's that?

Dr Branes: the big blobbly bit at far 2 o'clock.
Dr Branes: under the skull tho.

Badjur: that looks kinda like a pi-sign?

Dr Branes: no, the one above that one.

Badjur: in brain4.jpg?
Badjur: aah, yes. it's all fat

Dr Branes: i mean check out the massive density of white matter on the left as opposed to the right. that's owing to that being an area necessary for language and logical thinking.
Dr Branes: that's the money lobule.

Badjur: that's good.

Dr Branes: remember in 'pi' when the guy drilled his own brain?

Badjur: totally.