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December - From PRC to MIT
This is a flash back slide I made for a presentation I gave at my old highschool, The Prince Royal's College, in Thailand. A lot of good old memories here.
August - Malaysia SEED Exhibition
I was in Malaysia to help lead some activities at an exhibition held at the National Science Center in Kuala Lumpur. Working with these awesome students were so much fun!


December - West Coast Road Trip
This is a once-in-a-life-time trip. Six of us flew to Seattle and drove all the way down along the coast to San Diego and back up to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. It was 3700 miles of eye popping experiences.
November - Chicago
After two years of promising, I finally made it to visit my dear friend Paulo in Chicago
. A few friends joined the trip which made it even better.
October - Foliage and Halloween
It's Oct 30. The leaves are awesome and it's Halloween!
September - Camping in Vermont
This is my first time camping in the US(!) The camp ground was right next to a lake ... which was awesome. Gotta do it again.
September - Skydiving!
I've wanted to do this forever. Finally I was able to round-up some friends to do it ... and ... wow ... you've gotta do it!
August - Canoeing in Ipswitch
This is an awesome trip along the Ipswitch River. It is my first time canoeing. The scenery is unbeatable.
August - Gorgeous Island, Boston Bay Area
Myself and two other friends went to this "gorgeous" island located right in Boston's bay area.
July - Fireworks Boston
There is no better place to be than Boston on the 4th of July. Fireworks are spectacular.
July - New York
This was the second part of my trip with P'moo. NYC was a lot of fun. I don't think I've ever walked so much. 
July - Philadelphia
I met up with P'moo after saying goodbye to Ah Sunetr. We drove and spent two days in Philly. Awesome!
June - New York
NYC was the last destination of our road trip tour. We had great Chinese food and walked around the city. The statue of Liberty was also one of the highlights.
June - Washington DC
This is my second visit to DC. Many places have been blocked out since my last visit due to security. But it was still fun!
June - Waverly, Ohio
The main goal of our road trip was to visit Aj Hamlin and Khun Fran. It was very joyful and emotional at the same time.
June - Niagara Falls
I met up with Ah Sunetr and his family in Buffalo. We were on a road trip exploring the north eastern US. The mighty Niagara Falls was our first stop.
June - Trapeze
This is one of the things I would not have every imagine doing. But it was so much fun (though scary at first). Take a look, I'm really flying.
June - Six Flags!
It's my third time to this amusement park. There were not that many people on the day. So, we were on *a lot* of rides. Ohhh ... I'm getting dizzy.
June - Salem & Rockport
On one Sunday morning, my good friend Carla called and I suddenly found myself biking around these wonderful towns.
April - Cape Cod
The weather was finally getting warmer.
No one can resist going out somewhere and catch the warm breeze. Well, actually it was still a bit cold. But good company made this trip a memorable one.
March - Malaysia
This trip was part of a SEED workshop in KL. I've met so many nice students and teacher. It was a memorable week.
March - Cambodia
My advisor and I visited a remoted school that is funded by one of the Media Lab's
founder (Nicholas). The village was exttremely remote but they have wifi!
February - Ski
This is my second ski trip this year. It is the first trip that I'd experience *a lot* of snow. It was differnt and fun.
January - snow storm
Okay, there are a lot of snow in Boston. But there is only once or twice a year when there is a really big snow storm. It's worth watching.
January - Ski
Ski trip with Pas and Rinda. It was Rinda's first time. We had so much fun making sure she got back home in one piece.


October - Foliage Tour, Maine & NH
The Fall is when New England is at its best. The colors are unbeatable. These photos should help you to see why.
September - Acadia National Park, Maine
I went to visit a professor who lives in Maine. Visiting Acadia, which is right next door, was a natural thing to do.
August - Costa Rica
Costa Rica reminds me of home (Thailand) very much. But it is a version with volcanoes, fine coffee, and wild rafting tours.
June - Las Vegas
I was in LA for a conference. A friend of my father took the opportunity to introduce me to the seductive world of Vegas!
June - A night in Paris
On the way back from Egypt I and two friends stayed over night in Paris. We saw the Moulin Rouge (alike) show.
June - Cairo, Egypt
After being grounded for six months (driven by a big exam), I'm finally on the road again. It's Egypt this time!


September - Apple Picking
Apples can't get any fresher than this. They say you can keep them for months. Plus it is fun.
September - Lab Picnic
A Media lab tradition. This year we went to Gorgeous Island. Lots of food and fun.
August - Mayan Pyramids at Palenque
We visited these magnificent pyramids after the workshop in Villahermosa. I don't think I've ever sweat that much. It was really really really hot.
August - Villahermosa, Mexico.
These are photos taken during a workshop we did with Schlumberger supported schools in Mexico. It was so hot there.
August - Paris, France.
Paulo and I spent a weekend in Paris on our way to a conference in Portugal. It was my first time there so, of course, I went to the obvious places.
August - Lobster Meal
Boston is well known for its lobsters. This is my first attempt to cook a live one.
July - New York.
Though NY is so close to Boston, this was my first visit. What have I been doing in the past four years?
July - Roballet Workshop
I led the technical team for this fun project. We got a group of kids to build a show in an active space where they can use sensors to control lights, sound, and projection.
June - NASA site in Houston TX.
I made two attempts to visit NASA. Our car crashed on the first attempt and I broke my collar bone. But I finally made it there on the next day :-)
April - Bonito, Brazil.
My second visit to Bonito. This time with Paulo, David, and Rogerio's family. We stayed there for one night after our workshop in Bodoquena.
April - Bodoquena, Brazil.
Some photos I took during a workshop at the Bradesco School in Bodoquena. 
March - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
My second trip to Rio. I explored much more places this time, including a helicopter tour of the city (unbeatable).
March - Porto Alegre, Brazil.
I was there to help run a workshop. Here are some photo of the city tour I did.
March - St Patrick's Day, Boston.
Watching this  Irish parade was fun.
February - Carnival in Salvador, Brazil.
I don't think I've ever seen so many people in my whole life.
February - Snow fun.
Big snow blizzard last night. MIT is closed. So ... let's have some fun.
January - Boston's snow!
It is one of the coldest winter ever! With temperatures diving down to -20 C. These photos will give you an idea of what a snow storm looks like.


December - Thailand trip
I visited my family for Christmas! It was a wonderful trip.
November - Manaus, Brazil.
This is my second tour of the Amazon river. I did some hiking as well this time and I saw a "live" Piranha.
October - Pantanal, Brazil
I did a one-week workshop at a School funded by the Bradesco Bank. I took a day off after the WS and went to Bonito, a city that is, as the name suggests, very beautiful. The river I visited was filled with fish that aren't scared of people. Very cool!!
September - Italy, Austria
I presented a paper at a conference in Villach, Austria and didn't miss the opportunity to stop by Venice and Milan in Italy. Yes, they are kind of on the way :-)
August - Manaus, Brazil.
Located in the Amazon, Manaus is well known for its forest and Piranhas. Here are a few pictures of the Amazon river trip I did, plus a few pictures of the oldest (I think) theatre in Brazil.
July - Winter Institute, Curitiba, Brazil.
Our research group did this wonderful two-week workshop in Brazil. Work, travel, music .. we had them all.
June - Trip to L.A.
One their way back to Thailand, my parents stopped by L.A. to say bye to their friend A. Sunetr. I was lucky enough to be there too.
June - My parents in Boston
My parents came all the way from Thailand for my graduation. We had two great weeks together.
June - Road trip from Ohio to Boston.
I met my parents in Ohio, where we visited some friends and drove back to Boston. We stopped by D.C. and the Niagara falls.
May - Train trip to Paranagua, Brazil.
This is a spectacular train trip from Curitiba to Paranagua.
May - Trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
I spent a weekend there with Rahul and Shastri while doing a workshop in Brazil.
April - "The making of the Espion board."
Photos of Roger and Paulo working all night for two weeks.
March - Goree Island in Dakar, Senegal.
I visited the famous island while doing a research field trip in Senegal.
January - Ski trip 
My first time, ever! The gang included Roger, Paulo, Federico, and Daniel.


December - Christmas trip back home.  
December - Second trip to Senegal
Research fieldwork as usual.
August - Vacation trip back home.  
July - Pyramids of Mexico
February - Senegal
My first trip to Africa! We visited many places including Dakar and St. Luis.
February - New York
I had an unexpected airplane delay while connecting in New York. So, I got a chance to explore the city (and see the WTC towers before they are gone 7 months later).
January - Christmas back home
Christmas family photos and trips I made.


June - Photos I took from downtown San Francisco.  
June - Pictures from a day trip to Rockport, MA.  
May - My first trip to a baseball game.  
April - Hiking trip with my friends!  
March - Some nice pictures I took around the Charles river.  
February - A few good photos from my trip to Maine.  
February - General pictures of MIT during winter  
January - Arts and Expression Installations.
I was helping a friend, Aisling, building this cool project.
January - Christmas 1999 trip back home to Thailand.


December - My final project for the CAVS class I took.  
August - General picturs of MIT, my house, etc.