My Movies


Boston 4th of July 2000 fireworks.
(49 sec, Edited July 5, 2000)

This short movie shows you the wonderful fireworks in Boston as they celebrate America's independence day.


Introduction to Mae-Fa-Luang and the e-commerce project at Ban-Tart
(8.51 mins, Edited Mar 6, 2000)

This movie introduces you to Mae-Fa-Luang and its biggest village, Mae-Sa-long. Then, it takes you to Ban-Tart village, which is where my e-commerce project is based. It also shows the e-commerce workshop that I did there in January 2000.


Maine Youth Center (MYC) Project: Ramp climber vehicles
(3.29 mins, Edited Mar 9, 2000)


This movie shows different LEGO vehicles built to climb a ramp. The goal was to find a design that would climb the steepest angle.