Q: What kind of person are you?

A: Letís see. I probably have one leg in the typical computer geek section. I donít think Iím a talkative person, but I do enjoy having conversations :-). I like traveling [which I do a lot]. I like to cook my own food [mostly Thai food Ö yum .. see one of my favorite dish]. I enjoy watching movies and I listen to a wide verity of music [including Thai, Senegalese, and Brazilian music]. Digital photography is also one of my hobbies [See examples]. Iím currently learning how to play a guitar [download an MP3 example (0.2 M)]. Back in Thailand, I was a member of a Christian youth group. I help them organize many youth group activities (like summer camps, stage performances).
Q: Are you Christian?

A: Yes, I am Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior. I enjoy church activities very much. Here in America, I go to the Community Baptist Church (in Davis Sq.). In Thailand, I am a member of SunTiTum Church. It is a very beautiful church located in McKane hospital, where my mother used to work.
Q: What's the story about your Mother?

A: My mother, Helen, is Australian. She came over to Thailand as a missionary in 1968. She worked as a physiotherapist helping leprosy patients at McKane hospital. She is a person with the greatest love and faith I have ever known. She worked and helped so many leprosy patients, both physically and spiritually, before cancer took her life away in 1987.
Q: Does your father live alone now?

A: No, he found a Thai mother for me. My dad, Anek, and my new mother, Somsri, were married in 1989. Now, they are both working at Payap University in Chiangmai city. My dad teaches theology. Although he was retired in 1996, he still continues working as a special instructor. My mother supervises one of the student dormitories there.
Q: Do you have any relatives in Australia?

A: Yes, I still contact my grandmother from time to time. She is also, just like my mother, a loving person. We try to see each other every two years. I also have three aunts and seven cousins. I usually try to see most of them when I visit my grandmother. Finally, I have a great grandmother who turned 100 in July 2000.