Documents and Papers:


 Documents - English

Digital Technology for Conviviality:
Making the Most of Students' Energy and Imagination in Learning Environments.

This is my master's thesis. Please visit my thesis page for more information and for a PDF copy.

125 Pages. (c) 2001 MIT Media Laboratory

Art of LEGO.
Photos of many useful LEGO mechanisms based on Fred Martin's paper "the Art of LEGO Design."

16 Pages. (c) 2002 MIT Media Laboratory.
ART OF LEGO illustration.pdf (3.2 M)

Documents - Thai
Cricket Command Reference.
This is a Thai translation of the original cricket reference by Fred Martin.

13 Pages. 2001
Download Cricket Logo Language (0.2M)

Microworlds Basic Vocabulary.
An introduction to basic Logo commands.

14 Pages. 1998
Download mw_vocab.pdf (0.2M)

Thai Translation of Microworlds 2.x Help File

Contents were translated by Dr. Suchin Petcharugsa. 1998
Download mwvoc.hlp (0.15M)

Older documents I wrote while teaching at Chiangmai University. They are all in Thai.
Advanced C Topics for DOS.

50 Pages. 1997.
Download advancedc.pdf (0.7M)

TCP/IP Networking Basics.

49 Pages. 1997.
Download tcpip.pdf (2.2 M)

TCP/IP Networking Laboratory Handbook.

66 Pages. 1998.
Download networklab115a.pdf (0.7M)

Introduction to UNIX systems.

40 Pages. 1997
Download unix.pdf (0.5M)

MS Visual Basic 4.0 Training Handbook.

109 Pages. 1996
Download vb.pdf (1.2M)

MS Word Training Handbook.

52 Pages. 1997
Download word.pdf (1.0M)