Summer 2018


Computational Poetry Workshop at the Connected Learning Summit 2018, co-taught with Elliot Hauser of

IAP 2017


Post-Apocalyptic Fiber Arts Workshop

Fall 2017


Code Culture and Practice @ Emerson College

Class site
Spring 2017


Code Culture and Practice @ Emerson College

Spring 2016


Code Culture and Practice @ Emerson College

Spring 2012


Interactive Narratives for Game Design @ Southern New Hampshire University - Adjunct Lecturer

IAP 2012

  Creative Fabric Workshop @ MIT Media Lab & mini-Fashion Show (co-organizer)
The Reveal Fashion Show (video showcasing student works)
Spring 2010

  New Textiles
New Media Storytelling |login
Fall 2009


Interactive Narrative | IFnotes
Commononsense Reasoning for Interactive Applications

Fall 2008

  Human Robot Interaction
Product Engineering Processes - Lab Instructor
Spring 2007

Toy Design Studio Lab Instructor
1/2 General Exams
6.834J Cognitive Robotics (listener)

Fall 2007

FutureCraft (Listener)
4.370 Body Wear (Listener)
1/2 Generals Exam
MAS834 Tangible Interfaces Teaching Assistant with Hiroshi Ishii

Spring 2007

Generals Exam Preparation
Fall 2006

MAS Technology Information and social control with Chris C
MAS960 Electronic music conrollers with Joe Paradiso
TA'ing MAS834 Tangible Interfaces with Hiroshi Ishii

Spring 2006

Cinematic Storytelling [syllabus]
Creative Learning Technologies [wiki]
Fall 2005

Mas 632 Speech Interfaces with Chris Schmandt

16.499 Humans and Automation: Computer Supported Cooperative Work with Missy Cummings and Stacey Scott

Proseminar with Mitch Resnick and Deb Roy

TA'ing Tangible Interfaces with Hiroshi Ishii

TA'ing Mas863  How to Make Almost Anything with Neil Gershenfeld

Spring 2002

Masters Thesis Writing: ComTouch: Design of A Vibrotactile Communication Device
Fall 2001

MAS940 Thesis Prep
MAS834 Tangible Interfaces (T/A) [My Presentation on the Path from Idea to Prototype 11/9/01]
Spring 2000 

MAS967 Sensor Technologies [Syllabus][Official Class Page]
MAS962 A Dialogue of the Senses with Sile O' Modhrain (Visiting Researcher from MLE)
MAS630 Affective Computing with Rosalind Picard [Official Class Page]
Fall 2000 

MAS863 How to Make (Almost) Anything class page. [Final Project CNC Bonsai] [Official Fab Class Page]
MAS834 Tangible Interfaces with my advisor, Professor Hiroshi Ishii. [Official TI Class Page]