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The Hydroboard is a battery-operated water mobility vehicle for kids age 9- 13. Our group of 17 was given three months and $6000 to develop the idea, design the concept and embody it all in a working prototype. Team members were responsible for all aspects of the design, including market research, manufacturing, assembly and testing. Cost breakdowns, failure mode evaluations and customer testing were also performed.

The boogie-board shaped product weighs 25 lbs and has a top-speed of about 3 mph. A 1/6 hp dc motor, connected to a propeller, is powered by a 12 V sealed lead-acid battery. The electrical components fit inside 2 injection-molded plastic casings which snap fit. The product contains a view win dow and two light-up LED panels that show the speed and battery status. The product is designed to be safe for kids: a hidden battery door, a comfort able rubber mat for the belly, and rounded body edges are featured.

The target markets are parents, the special needs group, and recre ational resorts. The team expects to sell the boards at $200, with a manuifacturing cost of about $55. The NPV is about $10 million for a 5 year lifetime, with a Return on Investment of 80-200%.