cooperative learning classroom
parts of the system

the desk
This drawing shows the durable yet low cost construction of the desk. The leg tubes are extruded in three different lengths for different grades. The desk supports and feet of the legs are the same piece for low molding costs. The unique shape of the legs allow freedom of movement under the desk working from either side. The holes in the worksurface are used to mount the center chalkboard or possible other tools to be developed. The polypropylene legs are taken back by the manufacturer at the end of their life to be recycled into another desk. The photographs of the model I built show some different configurations for the desks.

the chair
This concept drawing of the chair shows the features of the chair. It has an option of removable rubber cushions for ease of cleaning and repair. The legs and back suppory are molded polyproylene marked for recycling. These parts are made in three different sizes for different grades. The chair has a more forward stance than most classroom chairs to help the students interact. The tray under the chair keeps books and other items readilly accessible by the students.

the center
The rotating chalkboard mounts over the desks in either groups of 3 or 4. This chalkboard has many uses. Students can draw on it to help communicate ideas to eachother. It can be used as workspace to set things. The board can also be hung for class presentations or displays. When not in use the boards can be hung on a rack under the main chalkboard in the front of the room.

the configurations
This drawing shows the desks in a few different configurations. The desks are designed to set in groups of 3 and 4 simply by turning them around. A circular chalkboard can connect over the center of these groups to aid in group interaction. Also take a look at look at the snazzy computer renderings that I did to show multiple desk groupings.

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