" Sound is so much more than a background to our lives. It defines our culture. It's deeply personal and powerfully social. It's an index, dancing across the human mind. "
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Adam Boulanger is a post-doctoral research fellow at the MIT Media Laboratory, visiting scientist at Microsoft, and cofounder of Hear For Yourself (H4Y). His research focuses on how auditory stimuli, as part of rich, complex, and rewarding musical experiences, can be used as an index into the mind. Tailored music performance systems allow the most severely disabled individuals to perform music. Active music listening tasks are used to diagnose disease. Current clinical studies explore Alzheimer's Disease diagnosis, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and neuro-rehabilitation, post-stroke. As an entrepreneur, he develops new technologies to demonstrate how cognitive data can be mined from the auditory experiences of everyday life. He received a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) from the MIT Media Laboratory for the development of tools to provide access to music composition and performance within cognitively and physically impaired communities. His research has been supported by the Alzheimer's Association and Intel Corporation, as well as the Yamaha Corporation. He and his subjects/collaborators have given extensive talks and performances, including the TED conference.

CogNotes Project

Cross-generational, longitudinal study embedding music-based, Alzheimer's-relevant, cognitive measures into multi-month music composition workshops.

Adam Boulanger's TED talk