David Merrill

Siftables is a platform for physical interaction with information and media. Each Siftable has sensing, feedback, and wireless communication capabilities, making them a mashup of tangible interface and sensor network. The platform is a collaboration with Jeevan Kalanithi, and my thesis explored new interactions with digital content that Siftables enable. Click here for more information...

other work...

I finished my Ph.D. in the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab and am now co-founder of Sifteo, based in San Francisco CA. My background is in Cognitive Science and Computer Science, and my work explores how our interactions with computation can leave the limitations of the desktop interface behind. I develop physical-digital tools that operate comfortably in our real-world environment to enable new forms of expressivity, problem-solving and collaboration. more...

research interests

physically embodied, sensor-rich interfaces to computers
mobile interaction with information
tools supporting digital collaboration
gestural interfaces
human-computer interaction (HCI)
ubiquitous / pervasive computing
new electronic music interfaces, live performance and improvisation


10/11/2011: Plenary at the Android Open Conference, in San Francisco, CA.

10/10/2011: Panelist at the opening session of the Lean Launchpad class for the Innovation Corps teams, at Stanford University.

10/6/2011: Speaker at the opening gala of the Leonardo, in Salt Lake City, UT.

09/28/2011: Tech talk at Twilio, in San Francisco, CA.

09/22/2011: Special Presentation at the New York Games Conference, Classic games, meet videogames, in New York, NY.

08/30/2011: Brown bag lunch presentation at the San Jose Tech Museum, Sifteo Cubes: Intelligent Play, in San Jose, CA.

6/11/2011: Speaker at TEDxSantaCruz, Sifteo Cubes, Makers and Learners: My Double Ah-Ha Moment, in Aptos, CA.

5/17/2011: Spoke at InPlay 2011, Sifteo Cubes: Hands-On Digital Play, in Toronto, ON.

4/25/2011: Guest-lecturer in CS260 User Interfaces to Computer Systems, at UC Berkeley.

4/25/2011: Guest-lecturer in C262 Theory and Practice of Tangible User Interfaces, at UC Berkeley.

3/14/2011: Sifteo was a finalist at the SXSW BizSpark Accelerator, so I pitched to a panel of American-Idolesque judges at SXSW in Austin, TX.

12/8/2010: On a panel with Mike Kuniavsky at Adaptive Path, The Future of User Experience: Smart Things in San Francisco, CA.

12/6/2010: Speaking at the Big Ideas Fest 2010 in Half-Moon Bay, CA.

11/22/2010: Speaker for the Mind, Technology, and Society (MTS) lecture series in the UC Merced Cognitive Science Department, Merced, CA.

11/9/2010: Spoke on a panel discussion with Nathan Moody of Stimulant moderated by Dan Clifford: Very Cool and Truly Unique Interfaces, at AnswerLab in San Francisco, CA.

10/19/2010: Keynote at NordiCHI 2010 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

8/15/2010: Keynote and office hours at the Emerge 2010: One-to-one Laptop Learning Summit in Banff, Alberta Canada.

8/2-9/2010: Teaching Studio 0: Introduction to Interaction, 1-week intensive at California College of the Arts.

7/23-25/2010: Show-N-Tell at Sketching in Hardware 2010: Expansion in Los Angeles.

7/8/2010: Storytelling for the TEC interns at True Ventures in San Francisco.

4/26/2010: Guest-lecturing for CS160: User Interface Design at Berkeley.

4/16/2010: Speaking at TEDxMonterey in Monterey, CA.

4/13/2010: Speaking at the LEGO Idea Conference in Billund (LEGOLAND, here I come!).

4/12/2010: Speaking about the Future of Play at Aalborg University in Aalborg, Denmark.

3/15/2010: Beyond the Desktop panel at SXSW in Austin, TX.

11/13/2009: Emerging Interface Panel Discussion at UCLA / DMA.

11/9/2009: At Stanford to give a talk to Wendy Ju's Music250A class at CCRMA.

11/3/2009: Talk and demo at the Product Development and Management Assoc. conference in Anaheim, CA.

10/28/2009: Demoing at Breakthrough Learning in a Digital Age event at Google.

10/15/2009: I keynoted the South Carolina EdTech conference in Myrtle Beach, SC.

9/18/2009: I spoke about Cookie-Scale Computers and Other Physical Approaches to Computing at UX Week in San Francisco, CA.

5/11/2009: I visited and gave a talk about my research at the Santa Fe Complex at the invitation of Project GUTS.

5/1/2009: Handed in my dissertation!!

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